Story Time 1

Story Time -
I moved my cart downtown in the winter of 2013 to start making a difference with my company. I wanted to showcase everything local; Coffee, tea and pastries, to merchandise while providing service that would be considered Nordstrom level from a food cart. I had instant success because it was everyone's favorite all in one place, but it was not enough for me...

Every morning around 8:30 I would have a massive group of street youth pass by my cart making a bunch of noise (making plans for the day, on their way to a breakfast or just bantering with each other). I kind of thought it was rude that they never said hi or acknowledged I was even there. I had enough! I yelled at them and said "my name is Todd Edwards and you never say hi to me." The kids froze (I think maybe they don't have many people on the street acknowledge them) and then I told them to come greet me. One by one they introduced themselves to me and I said "I want you to come visit with me every day and tell me what you are doing." Am I crazy you might ask? Relationships are what I want and it's what I am getting .

Every morning kids race down to get a Suspended Coffees / item (a program we started a little over two years ago) off the board but mostly they want to just say hi. I got to know them as Joey, Dan, Keifer, Cameron, Jessica, Jared, Melissa, Chris, Jersey, and so many more. They tell me their hardships and triumphs. Some are making it, some are in jail, and some are still fighting. I cheer for each one of them to succeed and shared my insight in hopes it might help. I don't want this journey to stop with just me though.

My intention is to model kindness first. I have made this my campaign in order to make a difference in the world. I will be here to listen, cheer and hopefully make someone's day a little better.

- Stay Caffeinated My Friend